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please note: pattern accuracy has not be verified for every pattern listed. all details can be found through the pattern designer.

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  • Brunswick by Kassandra Reading

    Brunswick by Kassandra Reading

    This is a beginner-friendly pattern, with no shaping required. The poncho is knitted flat, before being folded in half and seamed along part of one edge, using mattress stitch, to create the neck hole.
  • Lavender Blanket by Catalina Ungureanu

    Lavender Blanket by Catalina Ungureanu

    A huge amount of thought and planning goes into Catalina's designs and this is evident in the Lavender Blanket.  Though it may look like a tricky hook, with practice the mosaic technique is simple and opens a whole new world of patterns for crocheters.
  • Bobble Cowl by Sue Pearson

    Bobble Cowl by Sue Pearson

    Sue's patterns come with full instructions, including notes and details of how to do stitches that you may not have come across before.  This makes them ideally suited for those who want to try new techniques and broaden their crochet skills.