Lavender Blanket by Catalina Ungureanu

Lavender Blanket by Catalina Ungureanu


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Lavender Blanket by Catalina Ungureanu

A blanket inspired by lavender fields, that uses warm colours and a fun technique to produce a show-stopping project.

Yarn: World of Wool Marble DK
Quantity:  3 x Seabreeze (MY05), 3 x Sunrise (MY04), 3 x Watergrass (MY06), 3 x Watermill (MY02), 9 x Desert Rose (MY11)
Hook size: 4.5mm
Pattern type: Crochet, blanket
Pattern size: One size, 
Techniques: Mosaic crochet

World of Wool Pattern Insights
A huge amount of thought and planning goes into Catalina's designs and this is evident in the Lavender Blanket.  Though it may look like a tricky hook, with practice the mosaic technique is simple and opens a whole new world of patterns for crocheters.  This project will keep you snug while you're making it and will provide a lifetime of use and warmth.

About the Designer:
"As a devoted crochet and knitting designer, I am driven by a passion for infusing creativity and artistry into the realm of fiber arts. My intricate and innovative patterns have resonated with fellow enthusiasts, earning widespread admiration for my dedication to promoting these crafts. My ultimate goal as a designer is to empower individuals, encouraging them to express their unique style through handmade creations. Prioritizing quality, sustainability, and self-expression, my work embodies the beauty of personalized, handcrafted garments.

 he Levander Field Blanket draws inspiration from the subtle elegance of a lavender field in full bloom. Utilizing the Mosaic Crochet technique, my aim was to encapsulate the simple yet intricate patterns and calming colors of the lavender plant within a cozy blanket. Each stitch mirrors the balanced rhythm of nature, creating a subtle tapestry. Wrapped in this handmade piece, may it not only provide comfort but also evoke a quiet appreciation for the serene allure of the natural world. I aspire to inspire and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for enhancing personal style through the art of crochet and knitting."

Designer Website: ByKaterina

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