The 2023 World of Wool Website Relaunch

The 2023 World of Wool Website Relaunch
Andrew Novotny
Andrew Novotny

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes here at WoW HQ and we can finally show you one of the things we have been working on – our brand-new website! Over the years we’ve had a few different websites and with each upgrade new features and improvements have been made, this new website has carried on with this tradition. So, what’s changed? We’re glad you’ve asked…


The new site is brighter and easier to navigate. Even though the website is very important the stars of the show are our fibres so we’ve made these our focal point. Bigger pictures mean you get a clearer view of what you can order and they also show off the characteristics of each fibre more efficiently. The Natural Wool section also has images of the breed that produces each specific fibres so you can put a face to a name and play spot-the-sheep when you’re out and about!


Our last search wasn’t quite up to the task of sorting through our thousands of products, but with this new one you can use the name, colour or SKU to find the product you’re after. You don’t even need the full name to find what you’re looking for! We’ve also introduced ‘search by craft’, so if you fancy knitting something but don’t know what to use these pages will give you the low down on what is available to you.


You’ve always been able to access your past orders through your account but now you can download a VAT invoice for your own records at the click of a button…or tap of a screen! This means that if you need a digital copy for business records you don’t have to ask us to email it to you, or even worse, fight with a scanner!


The custom makers have had a facelift to make them quicker and easier to use. We’ll be releasing a tutorial on this very soon so watch this space! You will need to re-make your custom blends but don’t worry, we can help you with this if it is a bit of a daunting task!


Looking for some inspiration? Pop along to the Gallery page and you’ll find oodles of it! Here you can see featured products as well as crafts by our lovely customers – you can even submit your own work to feature!


If you’re one of our trade customers, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the trade site! We’ll be rolling out a new and improved version in a few weeks so you can enjoy a new, shiny World of Wool experience, too!

Goodbye trade application form! You’ve served us well for many years but we’re moving forward with a newer, less scary option. If you want to apply for a trade account, we now have a simple online form to fill in; no references, no signatures, it is easy and hassle free.


Yes, you read that correctly. After over a decade of selling wool in 100g lots we’ve started to introduce a 50g option to a number of our collections. Sometimes projects don’t need 100g and sometimes budgets can’t stretch to it, so we thought we’d make wool even more accessible by reducing the amount you can order.


There are only a few things in life that are certain and one of those is taxes! You can now choose whether you view the prices including VAT or excluding VAT on the website.  There is a pop-up that appears when you first load the website so you can choose how you see the prices.  If you change your mind later on you can click the buttons in the top left hand corner to change it again.  Not all countries pay VAT so if you are in a non-VAT paying location you can log in to your account to see ex.VAT prices.


We’ve added extra details to our products so you have all the necessary information about including if it carries EN or BS certification and the crafts that it can be used for.


This is always a sticking point because the prices only ever go in one direction – up! Shipping costs have to cover the actual shipping of the item plus the packaging it goes in and the labelling so they do add up! We don’t make any money on shipping and we’re always looking for the most cost-effective option for our customers. We’re introducing a Royal Mail option for domestic and global shipping which means a slightly lower cost rate will be available at checkout. You can still pick up orders from WoW HQ, too!


We all love a bargain and you’ll be pleased to know that Woolly Wednesday and Fibre Friday will still be part of this website, as will our Special Offers section. What we have introduced, is a sale section for each category so you can see what is on offer in each of our woolly categories.


We’ve always been keen to let people know that we are a family owned and run business and we get on like siblings do…but we’ve never actually explained in depth how we started or the faces behind the logo (see here). We’re really proud of our Yorkshire roots and of what our family has created and continues to develop. The website has had a makeover, but it is still the same woolly people behind it!

You’ve made it to the end and you’re all up to date. We hope you love the new website as much as we do, it’s time to go and explore!

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