Advent 2023

Advent 2023
Andrew Novotny
Andrew Novotny

This will be our third Advent calendar and the first with a theme. We love Christmas and all of the traditions that go along with it, so this year we’ve decided to look at Christmases across the world. We have had an absolute blast researching traditions and then coming up with blends that reflect them. We’ve blended fibres that we wouldn’t normally blend together, brought some naturals out to play and even gone a little bit mad with some of our more specialist fibres. All in all, we are very excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you!

So on to the important bits…if you’re reading this, it means that the advent calendar is available for pre-order RIGHT NOW! We’ll be dispatching them from the middle November to allow adequate shipping time, and minimal peeking time (yes, we know what you’re like!). Whether you’re UK based or overseas you’ll have the calendar safely in your hand by 1st
December ready to open-along with us.

As in previous years we’ll be doing a daily opening with Lara; she’ll fill you in on the tradition, its origins and the blend that it inspired. We’ll make sure that these are posted on our social media so you can follow along or catch-up day by day.

But what’s in the box?!

Your luxury advent calendar will contain 24 different blends unique to this year’s advent. There will be 50g of each and those that buy the advent calendar will have first dibs on any left-over blends before they go on general sale. We can’t guarantee there will be much left though, as we only have a limited number of calendars available and when they’re gone, they’re gone! Due to popular demand each blend will have its own labelled bag with the contents on the outside, so if you’re intending to stash it away you won’t need to worry about forgetting the contents. They’re also really pretty.

Now, we’ll leave you with thoughts of wool and fluff dancing in your heads…we’ve got some advent calendars to assemble!

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