Tour de Fleece 2023

Tour de Fleece 2023
Lara Pollard-Jones
Lara Pollard-Jones

The Tour de Fleece has been running since 2012 and takes place at the same time as the main cycle race. The aim is to spin as the competitors are cycling, challenging yourself on the hill and mountain stages and giving yourself a well-earned rest on the rest days. Not only is it a great opportunity to try out some new or limited-edition fibres (more about that later…) but it is a fantastic stash buster – we know what it’s like to have more wool than you have time to spin! At the end of the race you tot up the length you have spun and see where you rank amongst your fellow competitors.

To get involved, you can join a team through the Ravelry Group. There are a few different types of teams which means there is something for everyone.

  • Rookies: For beginners who haven’t spun during the race before or for those who are starting out on their spinning journey
  • Peloton: For those who have spin before and are back for more!
  • Lantern Rouge: For those who want to join but can’t spin every day, perfect for if you want to be involved but can’t commit.
  • Wildcards: Teams that are put together by groups or companies

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re a Wildcard team! Team WoW is based in our Ravelry group and our aims are very simple – spin what we fancy and have fun while we do it! Each year we make two limited edition blends based on two stages of the Tour and run a discount or two; for June and July these are only available through top-secret links sent to our TDF team.

What can you expect from Team WoW during TDF? Each day we have a challenge, a suggested fibre, a fact about a place on the cycle route and a song! This way, you can have a spin, learn something new and have a sing-along at the same time. Sometimes, we even manage to get all of these things linked! All aspects of our tour are flexible and we actively encourage people to make their challenges their own, especially if they can link it in a tenuous and/or amusing way.

This year we’ll be posting all of our challenges on day one (!) which is a radical change from previous years where we’ve posted them daily. The reason for this is that we know many people want to stash bust and do the challenges, so it is useful for them to be able to plan ahead. This is especially true if they have projects in mind and want to spin specific fibres or quantities. We do love a good plan! For those who like surprises, we’ll keep the challenges hidden under spoilers so you can choose when you reveal them.

Our sign-ups are open now and will close at midday (BST) on 30th June. Send us an email to get on board and we’ll set you set up with joining instructions and the all-important TDF secret links.

Happy spinning, we’ll see you at the start line!

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