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Weight:  0.465 kg

Samples: 93
14.5mic Ultra Fine Merino Top (T467) x1
18.5mic 100's Super Fine Merino Top (T181) x1
18.5mic 100's Super Fine Merino Top Superwashed (T181-S) x1
21mic 70's Merino Top (T100) x1
23mic 64's Dark Grey Merino Top (T519) x1
23mic 64's Grey Merino Top (T204) x1
23mic 64's Merino Top (T122) x1
23mic 64's Merino Top Superwashed (T122-S) x1
23mic 64's Organic Merino Top (T522) x1
24mic 62's Natural Brown Merino Top (T196) x1
25mic 60's White Merino Top (T127) x1
Black Faroe Island Top (T556) x1
Black Icelandic Top (T281) x1
Black Jacob Top (T188) x1
Black Shetland Top (T139) x1
Black Welsh Top (T146) x1
Brown Blue Faced Leicester Top (T179) x1
Brown Corriedale Top (T223) x1
Brown Faroe Island Top (T557) x1
Brown Icelandic Top (T282) x1
Brown Manx Loaghtan Top (T631) x1
Brown New Zealand Top (T531) x1
Carded Core Wool Sliver (COWS) x1
Core Wool (CW1) x1
Dark Grey Faroe Island Top (T558) x1
Dark Grey Herdwick Top (T633) x1
Dark Grey Icelandic Top (T283) x1
Exmoor Horn Top (T438) x1
Greasy Raw Blue Faced Leicester Fleecewool (GF18) x1
Grey Corriedale Top (T636) x1
Grey Cheviot Top (T439) x1
Grey Blue Faced Leicester Top (T515) x1
Grey Bergschaf Top (T668) x1
Grey Gotland Top (T184) x1
Grey Jacob Top (T144) x1
Grey Masham Top (T195) x1
Hebridean Top (T713) x1
Grey Suffolk Top (T145) x1
Grey Shetland Top (T140) x1
Grey Norwegian Top (T138) x1
Kent Romney Top (T257) x1
Light Grey Faroe Island Top (T559) x1
Light Grey Herdwick Top (T632) x1
Light Grey Swaledale Top (T192-S) x1
Rambouillet Top (T411) x1
Oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester Top (T180) x1
Moorit Shetland Top (T141) x1
Mid Grey Icelandic Top (T284) x1
Scoured Corriedale Fleecewool (P3978) x1
Scoured Corriedale Lambswool (P4062) x1
Scoured Perendale Lambswool (P4351) x1
Teeswater Top (T190) x1
Stricken Scandinavian Mountain Wool (T553) x1
Stricken Lonk Top (T653) x1
Scoured Wensleydale Longwool Fleecewool (P3801) x1
Wensleydale Top (T250) x1
White 56's English Top (T123) x1
White 56's English Top Superwashed (T501) x1
White Bergschaf Top (T667) x1
White Cheviot Top Superwashed (T500) x1
White Cheviot Top (T199) x1
White Blue Faced Leicester Top Superwashed (T170-S) x1
White Blue Faced Leicester Top (T170) x1
White Cormo Top (T716) x1
White Eider Top (T618) x1
White Falkland Merino Top (T207) x1
White Corriedale Top (T189) x1
White Devon Top (T193) x1
White Falkland Top (T194) x1
White Dorset Horn Top (T369) x1
White Finnish Top (T301) x1
White Lincoln Top (T432) x1
White Jacob Top (T368) x1
White Icelandic Top (T280) x1
White Gotland Top (T165) x1
White Lleyn Top (T711) x1
White Lonk Top (T654) x1
White Masham Top (T183) x1
White New Zealand Top (T605) x1
White Norwegian Top (T143) x1
White Perendale Top (T611) x1
White Polwarth Top (T542) x1
White Punta Arenas Top (T709) x1
White South American Top (T421) x1
White Shropshire Top (T526) x1
White Shetland Top (T142) x1
White Radnor Top (T525) x1
White Southdown Top (T367) x1
White Texel Top (T200) x1
White UK Organic Top (T575) x1
White Welsh Top (T147) x1
Zwartbles Top (T597) x1
Whiteface Woodland Top (T682) x1

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  • We are proud to manufacture nearly all our products right here at WoW HQ!

    From all the way around the the World, to at home here in the UK, we collect the best raw materials and turn them into crafty fibres & yarns at our Production Mill in Yorkshire.

  • Please Note: Colours may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the nature of natural fibre. We have taken every step to represent the colours correctly, but we do recommend ordering a sample for clarity as colours can change depending on your screen settings.

    If ordering tops, roving or jumbo yarn, all quantities will be sent in a continual length (up to 10kg) unless otherwise stated or requested.

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