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Wool Week 2016 - Join the first ever Wool BnB!

This year to celebrate the launch of Wool Week, The Campaign for Wool will be opening the first ever 'Wool BnB', where everything from interiors to fashion will be made of Wool.

The BnB, located in London, will be welcoming guests to a cosy sitting room and snug entirely decorated with wool products. Bedrooms will be fully equipped with luxury wool filled mattresses, pillows, duvets, cosy blankets and nightwear, bringing to the forefront the benefits of wool in aiding a good night's sleep. The Campaign for Wool brand partners will kit out the whole house including a wool-kin wardrobe showcasing iconic wool pieces from prestigious brands across luxury, fashion, interiors and craft. Under one roof, The Campaign for Wool will demonstrate how living with wool can be beneficial from head to toe, ceiling to floor and everything in between.

The 'Wool BnB: Living with wool', will launch officially for 'Wool Week', during which media and consumers are invited to visit the BnB to learn more about wool as a fibre and take part in workshop evenings, interactive talks, film screenings and styling sessions. Woolly overnight stays will be available exclusively following Wool Week. Lucky consumers will be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience living with wool first hand.

Whether you decide to take part in the ride itself, or just support the riders, there will be plenty to keep you entertained with live music, a bicycle duo, speeches and prize giving...and a whole lot of wool of course!

To find out more, or to sign up, visit the Campaign for Wool website here

The UK Wool Week takes place from 10 - 16 October. Let us know what you'll be doing to celebrate on our Facebook page

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