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What can this do? Reverse Felting Needles

Reverse felting needles are used for creating 'pull back' effects such as animal hair, doll hair and a fluff effect, perfect for making animal objects!

The reverse needle allows you to pulls tufts of fibre out of your felted piece. This is great for adding textured effects to, or pulling inner colours out of, your felted pieces. The reverse needle is also an invaluable tool for wet felting, allowing you to pull fibre to adhere new additions to.

These needles are great if you are felting animals with a "furry" or "hairy" coat. It is also a great way to blend colours, if you wrap two different colours using a reverse needle you will felt the wool, blending both colours together creating a fluffy texture.

Reverse felting needles work well with mohair, which is considered to be a luxury fibre. The Angora goat produces a long, lustrous, springy coat and the fibre has very few scales. The animal ranges from kid, through to a young goat, to adult, with fineness decreasing with age. The mohair we stock is kid at 24-26 micron. Click here to place your order.

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