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What can this do? Heat Bondable Angelina Fibre

Angelina Fibre is quite a new unique fibre, which can be used for many craft applications. Mainly used in blends with other fibres to create a unique finish. Perfect for adding effect into hand felting or hand spinning and many other crafts.

This Angelina range is a Heat Bondable Iridescent quality and approx 15 Denier 80mm.

Angelina Fibre is a new, very fine (sized as small as 10 denier), unique fibre. It is light reflective, as well as light refractive, Angelina is incredibly luminescent, whilst (unlike metallic) it has an extremely soft hand. Blended with other fibres in amounts as small as 2%, it gives sparkle and highlight to your yarn or felts.

This incredible synthetic fibre not only looks great, but has heat-bonding properties. By pressing it between brown paper with an iron it's possible to create a flat, paper-like sheet. This can then be cut up and incorporated into your work!

Generally, Angelina heat bondable fibre will only adhere to itself and not to other fibres, tissue paper or fabrics. When heat bonded the sheet can then be cut to any shape....... Makes excellent wings for 3D felt figures!

Find out more about what heat bondable angelina fibre can do here

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