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What can this do? Handmade Hand Cards from WoW Tools.

Handmade hand cards from our WoW tools range feature 72 point stainless wire with rubber backing. These hand cards are lightweight and very easy to use with most wools and fibres for fine spinning.

They are a pair of wooden paddles covered in a pin cloth. The pins are equally spaced over the cloth and when the carders are pulled against each other the fibres are pulled to create smooth locks.

These large curved handmade hand cards have a working area of 10.5cm x 19cm and can also be used to create your own blends!

How to use Handmade Hand Cards:

Hold a carder in each hand and place a small amount of fibre on one of the cards and pull the other carder through, while taking care to catch some of the fibres.

  • By catching some fibres on the moving card, they are separated, which allows vegetable matter to fall out, and they are aligned.
  • Catching too many fibres makes it hard to pull the cards apart.
  • This process, repeated many times, transfers small amounts of the wool to the other carder.
  • Once all the wool has been transferred, repeat this process until all the fibres are aligned and the fibre is satisfactorily clean of debris.

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