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What can this do? Botany Lap Waste

Our Botany lap waste consists of dyed tops, dyed fleeces, natural tops and end of runs on the blending machines. Brilliant for felting, needle felting and spinning so if you want to try something new, or get a bargain on blends, this month is the perfect opportunity with 25% off our coloured range.

We've always thought that the word 'waste' doesn't do justice to the wonderful fibres that are in our Botany lap waste bin! Simply our Botany Lap waste is a HUGE tub of beautiful excess wool tops. When we create our custom blends, merino packs and special orders, there's always a little left over from the process, which means you can expect anything from dyed merino to cashmere blends, from sumptuous silk tops to colourful Corriedale!

We always make sure we put a bright mix together in our Botany Lap Packs so if you're a beginner and want to experiment with different blends, this is for you and even better with a 25% discount!

Click here to grab a bargain!

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