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Tutorial Of The Month - DIY Chunky Knit Blanket

This month’s tutorial comes from Stacy Tavassoli, founder of arm knitting business, Truly Majestic.

Her creations are heavily inspired by nature and colour and her love of nature regularly shows in her arm knitting projects.

Stacy’s tutorial focuses on arm knitting and how to create a rib stitch chunky knit blanket. This blanket is super stretchy and the knit stitch columns that run up the blanket give it a gorgeous textured look. It has minimal shedding due to being felted and can be washed.

Over to you Stacy… 

Materials used in Stacy's tutorial: 

  • 3.5 kgs (7.7 lbs) lightly felted Merino wool roving (available here from World of Wool)

Tip: You should never arm knit with merino wool roving that has not been felted. It sheds everywhere and blankets made with unfelted wool tend to pill and tear apart.

Thank you so much to Stacy from Truly Majestic for sending in this tutorial for us to feature!

Check out her videos on Youtube here and her website Truly Majestic.

Let us know if you have created a chunky knit blanket using this tutorial and show us your pictures on Facebook and Twitter, we’d love to see them! 

We are on the hunt for new and interesting tutorials to feature on our website and in our forthcoming newsletters, so If you have a tutorial that you would like us to highlight, please contact

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