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Tutorial - How to make a wet felted seascape

We are very impressed by the tutorials that we are receiving from our lovely customers, this month we feature a video tutorial on how to make a welt felted seascape by the very talented Rose Lafferty.

Tutorial - How to make a wet felted seascape

Video one - Laying out the picture. In this step by step tutorial, felt artist Rose Lafferty shows how to create a wet felted picture of a simple seascape in wool and other fibres.

Watch Part 2 to see the actual wet felting process...

Video two - Wet felting the Seascape. This video demonstrates how to wet felt the initial project that Rose built up in Part 1.

Keep scrolling for part 3 which shows needle felting and finishing touches!

Video three - In this part, felt artist Rose Lafferty shows step-by-step how to use needle-felting to correct small elements of the wet felted picture that was finished in Part 2.

You can also download a printable version of ‘how to make a seascape’ written by Rose Lafferty here.

We would like to thank Rose for sending in her fantastic video tutorial on ‘how to make a wet felted seascape’ and she would like to give credit to her talented husband Stuart Lafferty for creating the videos.

For more of Rose's work go to www.facebook.com/RoseFeltInspired

Let us know if you have created a wet felted seascape  using this tutorial and show us your pictures on Facebook and Twitter, we’d love to see them!

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