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Tutorial - How to make a wet felted seascape

We are very impressed by the tutorials that we are receiving from our lovely customers, this month we feature a video tutorial on how to make a welt felted seascape by the very talented Rose Lafferty.

Tutorial - How to make a wet felted seascape

Video one - Laying out the picture. In this step by step tutorial, felt artist Rose Lafferty shows how to create a wet felted picture of a simple seascape in wool and other fibres.

Watch Part 2 to see the actual wet felting process...

Video two - Wet felting the Seascape. This video demonstrates how to wet felt the initial project that Rose built up in Part 1.

Keep scrolling for part 3 which shows needle felting and finishing touches!

Video three - In this part, felt artist Rose Lafferty shows step-by-step how to use needle-felting to correct small elements of the wet felted picture that was finished in Part 2.

You can also download a printable version of ‘how to make a seascape’ written by Rose Lafferty here.

We would like to thank Rose for sending in her fantastic video tutorial on ‘how to make a wet felted seascape’ and she would like to give credit to her talented husband Stuart Lafferty for creating the videos.

For more of Rose's work go to

Let us know if you have created a wet felted seascape  using this tutorial and show us your pictures on Facebook and Twitter, we’d love to see them!

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