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Top Tip - Leftover Yarn

How often do you have leftover yarn from your knitting sessions? Well here are a couple of ideas for you to put that leftover yarn to good use! We love the pom pom bookmarks and yarn stamps!

No one wants to throw away unwanted yarn, so why not make some clever little yarn stamps? Wrap your yarn around small blocks of wood, corks or stone, add your favourite paint colour to personalise cards, notepads and pretty much anything you like! Put your own stamp on it!

If you're still feeling creative, then the pom-pom bookmarks are a must! Colourful, funky and you will never lose your page again! They're also great as gifts, because they're affordable and easy to make, here's how to make them:

  •  Simply cut two pieces of yarn, one 8-10 inches long and the other 15 inches and keep to one side
  • Wrap your leftover yarn around 3 of your fingers, around 90 times!
  • Cut the yarn and carefully pull it off your fingers
  • Lay it down on top of the 8-10 inch yarn
  • Tie a tight knot around the ball of yarn
  • To add the bookmark tail, use the 15 inch and tie it around the same yarn as before!
  • Simply cut through the yarn loops to create a fluffy ball
  • Now your yarn ball will need a good haircut so grab those scissors and get snipping but be careful not to cut the bookmark tail!
  • Ta-da! your pom-pom bookmark is now complete! Enjoy!

Look out for more yarn ideas coming soon.

Source Buzzfeed

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