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Did you know that your leftover wool could be donated to your local charity shop, residential/retirement home, day centre or children's play group?

Some clothing and textiles collection bags or banks will allow you to put balls of wool in - but always check first. You can also add wool to your home compost bin.

How to donate your wool:

  • Check out the high street! You can find a local re-use organisation through CRNS, the Furniture Re-use Network and the Charity Retail Association who have handy tools on their websites that provide details of your nearest place to donate your items. Simply enter your postcode to find the name and location of your local stores.
  • Fill up the bags that come through the door.
  • Or take items to recycling banks often found in supermarket and local car parks. Local charities as well as national charities like the British Heart Foundation and Emmaus take unwanted furniture and electricals to be used again. Many offer collection services.

Source: Recycle Now

Do you recycle your wool? Let us know @worldofwool

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