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Oh Scrap! What to do with your leftover scraps of yarn

Why waste your leftover yarn when you can make some lovely gifts for family and friends. Here are a couple of ideas for you to put that leftover yarn to good use! We love the idea of using leftover yarn to wrap your gifts!

Use leftover yarn to wrap your gifts
No one wants to throw away unwanted yarn, so why not use it to wrap up your special gifts that you've made with your other bits of leftover yarn? Simply wrap your gift up in brown paper and then wrap your leftover yarn around the parcel and tie in a bow! Use as many pieces as you like depending on the size of your gift, simple but very effective!

Cute yarn bows
These cute bows are perfect for decorating parcels or add to a hair clip for an adorable accessory! Here's what to do...Cut your yarn scraps leaving a tail at least a few inches long. Sew the end through the first chain stitch at the very beginning and finish off. Create the centre of the bow by wrapping the two ends under and then back over the bow a few times until you are satisfied. You may prefer to create a chain of stitches to wrap around the bow instead. Finish off and weave in ends and there you have it!

Pipe cleaner letters
If you're still feeling creative, why not make these pipe cleaner letters, they're quick, easy and very effective! Here's how...

What you'll need:

  • Pipe cleaners, available here from World of Wool
  • Your leftover yarn scraps

What to do:

1. Connect your pipe cleaners by twisting together and then shape your word.

2. Start tying yarn pieces around the pipe cleaner and then wrapping loosely several times till desired thickness is reached.

3. Once the pipe cleaner is covered in yarn, you can reshape the word or letter as it holds the shape even more firmly.

4. Congratulations, your pipe cleaner letters are ready!

Source: Buzz Feed
Photo, with thanks to: Buzz Feed

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