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Mother's Day pom pom flower bouquet

Mother's Day is fast approaching, so why not make her a lovely pom pom flower bouquet, which can either be placed in a vase or wrapped in paper, perfect for your Mother to place somewhere special in her home!

What you'll need...
  • Wool in various colours, Available here from World of Wool
  • A vase or bottle or something to put the finished flowers in
  •  Scissors
  • Pom pom maker or card
  • Pipe cleaner, available here from World of Wool
  • Glue
What to do: 

1. Make some pom poms using the colours of your choice. Use two different sized pom pom makers, or you can wrap wool round some card, like this...
2. You need to cut two cardboard 'doughnuts', measured about 8cm in diameter but you can experiment with different sizes. Needless to say the bigger the doughnut the bigger the pom pom. Put the doughnuts together and start winding the wool around them.
3.Pop your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard and cut all the way around the edge.
4.Be careful at this point, don't let it fall apart.
5.Cut a long strand of wool and put it between the two pieces of cardboard. Tie in a knot and pull tight. Knot again.
6.Remove cardboard and fluff up!
7.Place each pom pom on the end of a pipe cleaner
8.Glue in place to ensure it remains secure.
9.Arrange the pom pom flowers in a vase. You may need to cut some of the sticks down a little, so each flower is of differing heights, this creates the best look.
10. Decorate the vase with a tag. We cut out some hearts and tied it to our vase using some string.

Source: Let Kids Be Kids

Photo, with thanks to: Let Kids Be Kids

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