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How To Wear Wool in Summer?

The months are getting warmer and Summer is upon us and you may be wondering whether it's a waste of time making wool clothing at this time of year, so the big question is 'How do we wear wool in Summer?'

There is in fact some solid reasoning behind wool as a warm-weather go-to, so here are the facts.

First, it absorbs and evaporates moisture more effectively than most other textiles, making it a great temperature regulator. On a cold day, sure, it'll keep you warm. But what about on a hot day? Wool will in fact... cool you right down!

It's so comfortable and easier to wear wool in the summer. Plus, it doesn't hold wrinkles like cotton or linen and the speed with which it evaporates odor-causing moisture means it doesn't hold smells, either.

All of which equates to less time ironing, dry cleaning and most of all time when you can actually be enjoying the summer wearing your wool clothing, so get out and get knitting!

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