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How to Make a Super Sunny Sunflower Pillow

They may not officially be in season until Summer but who cares?! It’s officially Spring and who doesn’t love a sunflower?! Let’s get our creative juices flowing and encourage the sun to join us with this amazing sunflower pillow.

How to make a sunflower pillow

What you’ll need:

  • Yellow/Gold felt (About 2 yards should be enough) - find a selection here.
  • Scissors
  • 19″ x 19″ Pillow
  • Sewing machine
  • All purpose pins
  • Fabric glue
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Contrasting yellow fabric.

What to do:

Step 1: Cut one piece of felt 19.5 inches by 19.5 inches to make a square. This will be the pillow front piece. For the back pieces, cut two 19.5 by 11 inch pieces.
Step 2: Trace and cut the size petal you’d like from a piece of paper to use as your pattern. I cut two different sizes to give the petals some size variation. Cut about 75 to 80 petals.
Step 3: Pin and sew the outer petals overlapping them in varying patterns. (Note, if you’re not a sewer, you can use fabric glue to glue the petals on if you like.) I can sew faster than I can glue so I chose to sew it. Repeat layers of petals, placing and sewing your way into the center.
Step 4: For the center, cut small pieces of your yellow contrasting fabric. Run some fabric glue on the inside of each piece and roll into pieces into the glue like the ones below.
Step 5: String the yellow pieces with a needle and thread so it’s easy to position them on your pillow.
Step 6: Sew the front and back pieces of your pillow together, but make sure to pin the ends of the outer petals in towards the center so you don’t sew them into the seam of the pillow.
Step 7: Turn pillow right side out and place over your pillow. Position your contrasting yellow pieces in the center with some fabric glue and you’re done.

This brilliant tutorial and photos are courtesy of Stephanie at Fab You Bliss - where you’ll find more wonderful tutorials.

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