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How to Make Needle Felted Christmas Puddings

We're getting very Christmassy here at World of Wool and we would like to share with you how to make Needle Felted Christmas Puddings. They will look super festive hanging from your mantlepiece or Christmas tree!

What you'll need:

  • 12cm of brown twine (alternatively use ribbon or felt)
  • A polyester ball (8cm diameter)
  • A single felting needle, view our needle felting kits herefrom World of Wool
  • Wool tops - brown, white, red and black, Use our Christmas cracker merino mixed bag, available here from World of Wool
  • A sewing needle and thread
  • A clover punch tool
  • Green felt, available here from World of Wool
  • A pair of scissors

What to do:

1. Unravel small tufts of brown wool tops to create loose whispy pieces. Place these on top of your polystyrene ball and using the clover tool punch the wool into it. Continue to add layers of whispy pieces of wool and punch in until the polystyrene ball has been completely covered.
2. For the icing, take long thin pieces of white wool tufts and twist these together. Using photo as a guide position around the polystyrene ball to create a dripping effect and stab with your single felting needle to secure in place. Fill the icing area with layers of larger whispy pieces of white wool and punch with the clover tool.
3. For the fruit, position small wispy pieces of black wool randomly around the bottom and sides and stab with your single felting needle to create little solid circles.
4. To make three berries, wrap small tufts of red wool tops around your index finger to create loose little ball shapes. Position these onto the centre top of the bauble and using your single felting needle repeatedly stab one at a time moulding them into solid ball shapes.
5. Using the photo as a guide, cut out two holly leaf shapes from green felt, position at either side of the berries and attach by stabbing at the bottom edge with your single felting needle.
6. Using a sewing needle and thread, attach a 12cm piece of brown twine to the top of the Christmas pudding to form a loop for hanging.

Source: Huffington Post
Photo: With thanks to Rachel Henderson

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