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How to make felt tree decorations

We’re getting very Christmassy here at World of Wool and we would like to share with you how to make felt tree decorations. They will look super festive hanging from your mantelpiece or Christmas tree!

What you’ll need:

  • Felt – Pick a bunch of your favourite colours here from the World of Wool website!
  • Thread and needle – Use a colour that will show up on each colour you are using.
  • Scissors – You will need them for cutting the felt and the threads.
  • Stuffing –  Any leftover fibre will be perfect, just enough to bring your trees to life!


What to do:

  • Cut out two trees. Click here to use a FREE template, otherwise you can just draw one up yourself.
  • The embroidery – Stitch a cross into the felt. You want it to be up and down like a plus sign (+) This will form the longer points of your star.
  • Now do another cross, put this over the first one. This time like an X not a +
  • TIP - start the points of the second cross in line with the two points on either side of it.
  • Keep making your stars until your christmas trees are nice and full. The more you do the better your stars will look. Could be a good idea to practice on some spare felt until you are happy with the way they are looking.
  • Start to stitch the two pieces together with both starry sides facing out. Don’t stitch over the tip of the tree yet, just do enough to hold the trees together where you want them.
  • Make a loop in a piece of string and tie a knot, this will stop the string from coming out.
  • Put the end of the string in between the two pieces of felt and stitch up the rest of the sides, leaving the base open.
  • Add your filling. Put in as much as you want doing your best to get the stuffing into the little corners of the tree.
  • Stitch up the base and TADA! One felt tree deco finished!
  • Now make even more to hang on your tree! .

Use as many different colours as you like! If you have a specific colour theme for your Christmas decorations this year you can make them to match!

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Source and images: The crafted blog


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