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How to make an Easter bunny

It isn't just Mother's day this month, it is also the start of Easter, so why not try and make these adorable bunnies.

What you'll need:

  • Yarn, colour of your choice! Available here from World of Wool
  • Felt to match yarn and different colour for bow (optional). Available here from World of Wool
  • Scissors
  • Card to wrap the yarn around
  • Glue gun

What to do: 

1: Begin by wrapping the yarn around something stiff like a piece of cardboard. The size depends on how large you want your bunny. For example, use a gift card. Do not wrap too tightly because you will need to remove the card later.
2: Continue to wrap the yarn around the card. If you are making a circular shape for the bunny's head and tail, you want to keep your yarn close together. If you are making an oval shape for the bunny's body, you should spread the yarn out so the bundle's width is a bit larger. How many times you wrap the yarn will depend on the size of your bunny, the thickness of your yarn and how fluffy you want it to be, in this example the yarn was wrapped approx 150 times
3 Once you are done wrapping the yarn, cut yarn and then cut an additional piece that is long enough for you to tie the bundle with. Place the bundle on the string, and slide the card out of the bundle.
4. Now you should have a cocoon shape on top of your string.
5. Tie the string around the bundle, and make sure it is tight.
6. Now insert your scissors in the loops of the bundle and cut them.
7. Do this with both sides of the bundle, until all the loops are cut.
8. Trim all over until the ball is even and oval (or circular) shaped.
9. Now that you know how to make a pom-pom, all you need to do is make 1 large oval for the bunny's body, 1 medium circle for the head, and 1 small one for the tail. Attach everything with the glue gun.
10. Cut the ears, eyes and feet out of felt. If you want, you could also make tiny pom-poms for the bunny's feet.
11. And now you have your Easter bunny!

Will you be making your own Easter bunnies or do you have your own craft ideas? Share your pictures on our Facebook or Twitter page @worldofwool

Source: Crafty Side of Sarcasm

Photo, with thanks to: Crafty Side of Sarcasm

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