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Hand spinning: Ancient craft becomes rewarding hobby

Hand spinning is an ancient craft, which was once used for industrial purposes, but today it is enjoyed by many as a satisfying and rewarding hobby.

World of Wool is an online supplier of fibres to craft enthusiasts worldwide, providing a huge selection of wool for felting and hand spinning including natural fibres (29 different breeds of sheep), synthetic fibres (including viscose and angelina) and speciality fibres (such as llama, cashmere and bamboo).

The company is keen to encourage more people to get involved in hand spinning, and to attract beginners to the craft, they will be running a day long workshop in February for anyone who fancies giving it a go.

Course tutor Diane Fisher will teach basic hand spinning techniques and plying, with the aim to finish the day with one or more skeins of your own handspun yarn. They will even provide a spinning wheel if you don't have your own.

To book your place on this course visit:
beginners handspinning course

World of Wool also sell books on hand spinning including 'Start Spinning' by Maggie Casey and 'The Alden Big Book of Handspinning' by Alden Amos. DVDs available include 'Handspinning Rare Wools' by Deborah Robson and 'Spinning Luxury Fibers' by Judith MacKenzie.

To see the full collection of books and DVDs visit:

For more information on World of Wool and the products and equipment they supply for hand spinners please visit our home page

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