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Fun Wool Facts

We have 10 fun facts to share with you, how many did you already know? If you have any fun facts of your own, let us know!

  • The fleece of sheep has been used to make human clothing since the Stone Age.
  • Lamb's Wool was a drink made from apples, sugar, nutmeg and beer drunk on Twelfth Night.
  • The fastest recorded time to shear a sheep is 39.31 seconds by Hilton Barrett of Australia.
  • Wool is still able to keep you warm even when it gets damp.
  • Wool is fire resistant. Nothing is more important to us than your safety!
  • Wool is wrinkle resistant. That's ironing one less thing for you to think about.
  • Wool can be extended to up to 70% of its natural length and when the tension is released, it returns to its natural length. Now that's durable!
  • Wool absorbs and releases water vapour as humidity rises and falls, which is why it works so well as a natural insulator.
  • The word jersey originally meant any knitted item make from Jersey wool, especially stockings.
  • Under EU rules, a product may be labelled 100% wool or pure wool as long as it contains no more than 5% inadvertent impurities.

Source: Express

Photo: With thanks to Robbert Michel

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