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Fibre Focus - Zwartbles Sheep

This month our Fibre Focus talks about the Zwartbles Sheep, can you guess what Zwartbles stands for?

The Sheep
Zwartbles sheep were first imported from The Netherlands in the early 1990's and have since become established in all areas of the UK and Ireland. They have enjoyed considerable success in the show ring due to their striking appearance, amenable nature and lively character.

The Zwartbles name means Black with a White Blaze. A very noble yet elegant black sheep with a distinctive white blaze from poll to surround the muzzle, with outstanding maternal properties making them an excellent crossing variety as well as a pure breed. These sheep serve the dual purpose for meat and milk but have the addition of a very fine thick fleece with plenty of crimp.

The Wool
The Zwartbles fleece is medium to fine with excellent crimp along the length of fibre. It ranges from dense black to chocolate brown with sunbleached tips. Many fleeces have fine silver hairs dispersed throughout the wool which gives a lustre appearance.

It is a natural brown shade. The fleece is bulky with excellent crimp which makes it superb for felting. The fibre is 100-120mm long and a fineness of around 30-32 Microns.

We stock Zwartbles top at £2.00 per 100g.

Source: Zwartbles
Photo: With thanks to Zwartbles

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