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Fibre Focus - Texel Sheep

This month our Fibre Focus talks about the Texel Sheep, a highly adaptable breed that makes its home anywhere!

The Texel sheep originates from the island of Texel, one of the north-western islands off Holland where the ancient native sheep was known as Pielsteert (Pin-tail, because of its thin short tail). There are many different types of Texel sheep across Europe and other continents, each developed to perform in their specific environment.  

The Sheep
The British Texel is a medium sized sheep with a long rectangular body, well proportioned with a level back and medium bone structure. The Texel’s outstanding qualities are its pronounced muscling and long loin coupled with the unique leanness inherited from the original Texel sheep.

The Wool
The Texel sheep produces a good dense fleece of medium quality, which is suitable for fine carpet yarns, hosiery and knitwear, at the coarser count end. The wool is predominantly white, with fineness approx. 32-40microns and length, 80-150mm. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.

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Source and image: Texel Sheep Society 

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