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Fibre Focus - Southdown Sheep

This month our fibre focus talks about the Southdown sheep - did you know that the Southdown is the oldest of the terminal sire breeds in the UK?

The Southdown Sheep - courtesy of the Southdown Sheep Society
The Sheep

The Southdown is the oldest of the terminal sire breeds in the UK and as the name suggests originates from the native sheep which have roamed the South Downs in the South of England for many hundreds of years.

This sheep has a neck that’s wide at the base and well set on the shoulder. Shoulders neither too wide nor too narrow and top level with the back, its eyes are bright and clear of wool.

The Wool

The Southdown sheep has a dense, resilient medium grade white fleece. These are versatile, medium handling wools which dye nicely and are ideal for hand-spinning. 28-30 micron.

Their wool is fine and dense and of even colour, not black, covering the whole body down to the hocks and knees.

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Source: Southdown Sheep Society

Photo with thanks to:  Southdown Sheep Society


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