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Fibre Focus - Perendale Sheep

This month our Fibre Focus talks about the Perendale Sheep - a great breed which we stock in an amazing variety including scoured lambswool, carded batts and natural tops!

Perendale sheep

Do you know which breeds of sheep are crossed to create the Perendale? The answer is: In 1956 Perendales were bred by Sir Geoffrey Peren at Massey University by crossing a Cheviot over a Romney!

The Sheep
A ram should express masculinity and alertness. Masculinity in a ram can be judged by its eyes and general attitude, rather than by the size of its head. A ewe should show intelligence and female character, it is a super white colour with a high bulk.

The face should be open and white with a covering of fine hair, indicating a soft handling fleece. Black spots on the face are not permissible in stud sheep.

The Wool
The ideal fleece will be composed of well formed and free opening staple. It will generally show clear cut crimp formation and will grow at least 125mm of staple per year,

It will be of as good a colour and free of vegetation as the class of country and the climate will permit, averaging 28-33 Microns. This is quite a long fibre of 80-120mm, brilliant for felting and spinning.

The Perendale is a great all rounder with a long fibre range and is a perfect choice for hand dyeing, felting and spinning!

We liked it so much we decided to create lots of different Perendale products for you to choose from...

Have you made any wonderful creations with Perendale wool? If so we’d love to see them. Share them on Twitter and Facebook.

Source and image with thanks to: Perendale NZ

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