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Fibre Focus - Manx Loaghtan Sheep

This month our Fibre Focus talks about the Manx Loaghtan Sheep, these sheep are one of the oldest and most striking breeds of sheep in the UK. Termed 'a primitive rare breed' it is classed as 'at risk' by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust!

The Sheep
The Manx Loaghtan sheep is a small rare breed found in Isle Of Man. with mature ewes weighing about 40kg, they are agile, multi-horned having 2, 4 and occasionally 6 horns. The rams have prominent horns giving a unique and impressive appearance.

The Wool
The wool is much sought after as the fleeces are soft, close textured and lustrous, heavily oiled and excellent for hand spinning. The staple varies between 70mm to 100mm. When spun is naturally a dark to light toffee colour. Once knitted it is fine enough to be comfortably worn next to the skin yet robust enough to be used in outerwear.

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Source: Manx Loaghtan Produce
Photo: Manx Loaghtan Produce

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