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Fibre Focus - Lincoln Sheep

Did you know a staggering 48lbs of wool was taken from a Lincoln Two Shear Ram called 'Tardebigge Charlemagne', which stands to be the modern day record?!

The Sheep
The Lincoln is a large native sheep, originating mainly in the eastern counties, with its roots centered in the county of Lincolnshire. The Lincoln is a dual purpose breed (for meat and wool) however, the breed was particularly developed for the growth of a large heavy fleece of long lustrous wool.

The Wool
The Lincoln produces a fleece of exceptional quality. It is characteristically long, strong, lustrous and with a beautiful flowing crimp.

The wool grows at a rate of 1 inch per month and so provides a yearly clip of 12 inch long fibres weighing around 20lbs per fleece. It is often used for blending with finer but shorter stapled wools or Mohair, where a strong yarn is required. The wool is approx. 36-40 microns and 100-150mm long. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting, doll making and many other craft uses.

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Source: Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders Association
Photo, with thanks to: Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders Association

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