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Fibre Focus - Devon Sheep

Did you know that the Devon sheep produces more wool per sheep than any other British breed?

The Sheep
The Devon sheep is well proportioned with a strong wide and long top, with well sprung rib giving plenty of volume. The rear being well muscled with good conformation. Average mature ewe weighs 100kg, rams 136kg.

The Devons are a dual purpose sheep suitable for all systems of farming. They are equally as happy in a flock of 2 or 3 as they are in a large flock. They are a docile sheep, it is quiet, and easy to catch when needed. It is a contented sheep and is a pleasure to tend. This hardy sheep is home not only in Devon & Cornwall but in other counties of the British Isles and also abroad.

The Wool
The Devon wool fleece is one of the heaviest clips in the UK with fleeces weighing up to 10kgs. The head is well covered with long curly wool. The body is covered in long curly, white wool. It is good felting wool and the lambs from this breed are excellent for knitwear and woven fabrics. The fineness is approx. 40-60microns and length, 200-250mm. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting, doll making and many other craft uses.

The Devon produce more wool per sheep than any other British breed. Mixed with other fleeces this can be easily hand spun.

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Devon Top

Source: Rare Breeds Survival Trust  
Photo: With thanks to Rare Breeds Survival Trust  

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