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Featured Artist - Zsuzsanna Fuzes

Wife and mother of 4, Zsuzsanna reintroduced herself to the art of spinning 3 years ago.

I started to explore and learn about the craft because the knowledge of spinning is unfortunately falling into oblivion in my country. Last year I released my book about spinning and it is currently the only book available in Hungary on the topic!

Zsuzsanna also has a blog where she shares her fibre adventures and hopes those that read her tales “discover and learn more about this forgotten magic.”


What is your craft? I dye, spin, knit and weave.
What is your favourite fibre? I love all the types of fibres. I enjoy exploring the best way to use them, from coarse wool to the finest silk.
What is your favourite breed of sheep? If I must choose, I would say merino.
What do you like most about WoW? The wide range of fibres and the flexible and rapid communication.

Zsuzsanna’s web site:http://harmat-cseppek.blogspot.com/

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