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Featured Artist - Sharon Wells

Sharon is an artist specialising in felt pictures which she creates with wet felting, needle felting, hand and machine embroidery!

Sharon Wells - featured artist of the month

She is inspired by the landscapes of Ireland mostly County Kerry where she is from and County Wicklow where she now lives.

She has a background in Archaeology and has spent many weeks and months walking the fields in Ireland surveying the land to find ancient sites.

‘’I used to work as an archaeological illustrator and I’m currently experimenting with combining drawings with other textile work. I teach wet felting and needle felting techniques to students in Ireland and run a multidisciplinary craft group of 80 members in my local town.’’

Sharon organises and takes part in exhibitions with her group and also submits solo work to other textile exhibitions. She tries to get as much texture into her work as possible and builds up many layers of wool fibre so that the viewer can see and touch the raised surfaces. Sharon also paints in oils and sells cards and prints of both her paintings and her felted artwork.


What do you enjoy most about your craft?: The feel of the fibres, their unique textures and the way they can bring things to life by their depth of colour.

What is your favourite fibre?: I can't really choose one, but at a push Wensleydale!

What is your favourite breed of sheep?: Jacob.

What do you like most about the company?: The great quality of the products, the reliability of delivery and the speed.

Sharon’s website is:

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