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Featured Artist - Nikki Wheatley

Nikki Wheatley is a Northamptonshire based Wet Felter who has always loved art. She discovered wet felting at a craft fair and decided to have a go - she hasn’t stopped since!

Find out more about Nikki’s work on her Facebook page or Instagram.


What is your craft? (Spinning, felting etc.):

Wet Felting is my passion. I love creating wool paintings. Challenging myself to try different styles and techniques. It is a constant learning curve and full of happy accidents to learn from.

I am becoming increasingly interested in creating wearable pieces too. Blending beautiful colours together and creating bespoke items often nuno felted with silk.

How long have you been a craft enthusiast?:

I have always loved art. I use to paint and draw a lot as a kid. I then went into nursing but carried on painting as a hobby. All that stopped when I had children. Then about eight years ago started to enjoy crafts again.

About six months later came across someone felting in a craft fair. I liked the look of it and somehow managed to buy some wool and had a go! I was hooked, I don’t think I have stopped since.

I still love that feeling in your tummy you get when you see the image you are trying to create start looking back at you and working. You can’t beat it.

What do you enjoy most about your craft?:

Everything about it. It is full of surprises and you learn to go with the flexibility of it.

How long have you been a WOW customer?:

About seven years now.

What do you like most about the company?:

So helpful. I often top my order up with a botany waste bag. It is a chance to come across some fibres that you may not normally have chosen to order. If you don’t know what a certain fibre is but like it, you can send a sample back and someone will identify it and let you know.

What is your favourite fibre?:

Superfine Merino at the moment. Makes such soft and luxurious fabrics.

What is your favourite breed of sheep?:


Is there anything you would like to see on the WOW web site?

Tutorials other than needle felted animals and tutorial packs.

Is there anything else that you would like WOW to sell?:

Superfine Merino Batts please.

Do you have a top tip for your fellow crafters?:

Enjoy it and go with it.

Tell us a bit more about yourself: 

I love colour and I love texture. Therefore, wet felting is my obvious passion. I felt in all of my spare time. Standing in the evenings trying to create my pictures or squeezing in the odd hour in the day to lay out a shawl or poncho or something.

Wet felting is my thing and I just love it. I say it should come with a health warning as it’s highly addictive and I am definitely hooked. I couldn’t imagine the day without it. I am very lucky that my family support and encourage my passion.


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