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Featured Artist - Jill Harrison

Although now living in Aberdeenshire, Jill was born and raised in Bradford - the heart of the wool industry - and studied graphics at the Bradford College of Art. 

She now runs a sculpture business with her husband, producing sculpted 3D signs for clients all over Britain. 

I have always been interested in art, but became interested in wool quite by accident after breeding a small flock of rare breed sheep on our croft. I guess I would now call myself a wool artist - it's so absorbing and once I start one of my creations I just can't stop!


What is your craft? Wool artist. 

What is your favourite fibre? I have to say wool - it's so forgiving. 

What is your favourite breed of sheep? Well my sheep are Hebridean and Shetland and I love them both. The colours of the Hebridean are fantastic ranging from jet black through to shades of chocolate and chestnut, and the sun-bleached tips of blonde. The Shetland's wool is so fine - almost like silk. Beautiful! 

What do you like most about WOW? Lots of great products, and useful/interesting facts and people. 

Jill's web site:

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