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Featured Artist - Edward Scott

Our featured artist for this month is Edward Scott, who is a Science teacher and farmer from Cumbria!

Edward has been teaching for twenty years and on his farm he started keeping animals about ten years ago and this is how he got started using wool to make felt.

At his home in Cumbria, he previously had two sheep and a few chickens which has now developed into a 33 acre farm with ninety sheep, 29 pigs, seven goats and various chickens ducks and geese! Wow - that’s impressive!

I have always been artistic and love creating and making things. I took an evening class in Berwick upon Tweed for a year to learn the basics of Wool felting and this is when I started to use World of Wool to buy Merino tops for my work. There is such a fantastic range of colours available. I was the only male in the class and every time my wife and I visit a wool event such as Woolfest, the stall owners always talk to my wife thinking I am along for the day and not the one keen to learn from them.  It’s always a surprise when they find out that I am the felter.

 Edward has developed a style which he calls painting with wool where he blends colours by hand in small batches to use with his wet felt / needle felt artwork. He finds it very relaxing making something from scratch that is beautiful and yet comes from the humble sheep’s back!

In the past, Edward has made 3D vases and even men’s wool felt ties (You can view these in the gallery), which he often wears to work and have given as unique gifts to colleagues and friends!

There is such a range of items being made out there in the wool world for Ladies but not a lot for men so I am trying to develop something in that field. I would like to develop and make more ties as I have never seen them in wool felt before, so they must be very rare, but I would also like to become more skilled making artwork pictures.

Edward is inspired by British wildlife and flowers that habit and survive the gorgeous barren landscape of the North Pennines where he lives on his farm. Edward has taught classes to some of his Science students, but he would love to offer classes to adults in his area or those wishing to be inspired by the North Pennines and the love of Wool Felt!

‘’I have always been artist and find it is a great way to relax and make something to be proud of! I attend woolfest every year at Cockermouth as we live in Cumbria now and my dream is to have a stall there selling my artwork and have an outlet or online shop.’’


What do you enjoy most about your craft?: It is extremely relaxing after a day teaching at school and an evening feeding the animals on our farm. I have also taught the skills to lots of the kids at school.

What is your favourite fibre?: Merino coloured roving 

What is your favourite breed of sheep?: Ryeland and Jacob as we keep both on our farm.

What do you like most about the company?: You have a great range of products and a quick service.

Do you have a top tip for your fellow crafters? Use more realistic colours when creating animal or landscape pictures is to best to hand blend the wool by choosing two or three colours suited to the object and mix them by pulling the wool apart and putting back together until you have the desired colour mixed.  This gives a much more life-like and 3D appearance to your work.

You can view the work created by Edward in our gallery below, which details the title of his project and the materials he has used from World of Wool to create wonderful textures.

To contact Edward about his work, please email

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