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Christine Allen - May 2018's Featured Artist

Christine has been working with horses and dogs for over 35 years. She started her career as a competition groom in the disciplines of driving, showjumping and eventing, gaining experience all over the world, turning out horses for top-flight competitions. 

Christine Allen

Following this, Christine trained as a canine beautician and loved the detail styling of the different breeds, particularly the terriers. She then combined both skills to create her own grooming business "Dirty Doggies & Hairy Horses" which has been running for many years.

As a result, Christine now enjoys combining her knowledge of horses and dogs in miniature needle felt sculptures. Her website, Whinny and Woof (we love the name), plays host to images of her creations, with galleries of her horse and dog collection, plus useful guides on photography of these beautiful animals.


What do you enjoy most about your craft?:

Being able to create a replica of a clients horse or dog, which they may no longer have in their lives. Giving people a tribute to a much-loved pet is very special.


What is your favourite fibre?:

Two favourites for me Jacob and Shetland. They are great as core wool for my sculptures and both have various ranges of colours which work well for me.


What is your favourite breed of sheep?:

Hampshire Down with their woolly faces. A friend of mine has a small home bred flock which I have been roped in to help shear on occasions!


What do you like most about WoW?:

I’ve been a World of Wool customer for about 18 months, and particularly like the lovely range of natural wool tops and the many merino wool colours. The offers are a bonus too!


What would you like to see from WoW in the future?:

For me an even greater range of natural merino colours especially browns, greys and creams. You can never have enough!!!

Do you have a top tip for your fellow crafters?:

Enjoy what you make and never stop learning from others.

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