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Featured Artist - Aaron Fletcher

A lover of crafts and puzzle solving, Aaron spent his youth drawing firmly outside of the lines. Always having designs on doing something creative and indifferent, he set his sights on ‘fashion designing eccentric’. 

My adventure with knitting began slowly, gaining great haste when my closest friend of 15 years introduced me to the craft. Eyes open and hands on fire this was my ignition.

After previously worked for other boutiques making one off pieces in their style and image, Aaron decided it was time to make his own mark on the fashion world and so Aaron’s Arans was created.

I like to say that at Aaron's Arans the knit hits the fan. As well as a lot of concentration and design I like to keep it crazy. Lots of different colours and and crazy texture, always mixing up my material to create fantastical pieces of clothing. I work only with all natural fibre and make vegan stuff on request. Knitting is my life and without it I would be lost - it is my addiction and the love of my life.


What is your craft?: I love spinning, crochet and my big deep love is for knitting.

What is your favourite fibre?: Hmmm, this is so difficult. If we are just talking sheep, it’s Blue Faced Leicester, but if we are talking everything Angora baby!

What is your favourite breed of sheep?: My bad boys the Blue Faced Leicester.

What do you like most about the company?: I love the huge variation, so many materials and colours to choose from and always being updated.

Aaron’s web site:

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