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Colours from the Runway - Winter 2015

This Winter, fashion trends see an eighties theme on the runway as opposed to the sixties and seventies that have been a top favorite for designers. This change resulted in many fashion shows illustrating a unique contrast between powdery pastels and bold bright colours!

We are led to believe that innocent pastel colours are meant for the warmer months, however, many designers decided to bring softness and warmth to their Winter collections using powdery pastels from baby blues and pale yellows to dusty pinks and lilacs.

Some designers decided to differ from all the others and went to the Eighties style ditching the year's trending Seventies and Sixties. As a result, many fashion shows brought a burst of bold and bright colours, from the rich greens to bold yellows. An eye-feasting bold colour palette was used throughout the runway, whilst busy prints were combined with rich oranges, greens and yellows.

Mustard and brown tones are also a must for Winter, looking especially chic teamed up together bringing warmth and comfort to your winter outfits. You can also add the essential charcoal greys, blacks and beige tones to your collection. Winter 2015 fashion trends have it all to cater for everyone's fashion cravings and to help you dress in the most flattering shades for your skin tone and personality. And it's all up to you to decide what trendy shades you are going to paint your new season wardrobes in!

So what do we have in our dyed merino fibre range to capture the mood of the Winter season 2015?

Sky (44) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Lavender (53) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Ash (73) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Teal (77) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Buttercup (322) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Mint (37) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Rose (316) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Violet (324) Price: £2.99 per 100g

Source: Fashioners

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