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Colours from the Runway - Summer 2015

We've been working hard searching for this Season's must have colours for Summer, as we know that being 'in trend' is a must for our talented customers! So let's take a look at what we found...

This season brings warmer tones balanced with a cool dreamy feel that mixes well with the featured blues and greens to form an exceptional contrast between colours.

On one end of the women's palette sits Aquamarine, an airy, ethereal blue with a cool feel throughout and Jade Green, a soft, serene green that offers a fresh sense of clarity.

Reminiscent of the sun on our skin in the Summer months, Poppy pairs perfectly with Mulberry, a light, pastel tone so combine both for a delicious warm feel. Sandstone serves as a bright yellow for the Summer palette, which can be teamed up with Royal Blue for a maritime look. Mulberry works well with Seal, a timeless and unobtrusive fluorescent grey that adds a sense of graceful relaxation, perfect for Summer time!

On the other end, the men's palette takes a surprising turn, deviating from the women's palette more than we have seen in recent seasons. The menswear colours emphasise natural tones combined with deep, foundational colours for an unassuming and sophisticated look.

So what do we have in our dyed merino fibre range to capture the mood of the Summer season?
  • Poppy (63) Price: £2.99 per 100g
  • Seal (72) Price: £2.99 per 100g
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