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Colours from the runway - Autumn 2015

This season, we found that there are only slight discrepancies between the colour combinations for both men and women. The fashion palette focuses on neutral cool and soothing colours.

Brighten up your look with marigold, a comforting and warm shade along with burgundy, a deep wine-red colour for that ultimate Autumn feel. Olive serves as the ideal base colour for all shades and is this season's must have colour which will take your wardrobe through the Autumn and into early Winter, combining a sophisticated and chic look at all times!

On the other end of the scale, Autumn sees a cooler turn with Cerulean, a tranquil turquoise colour. This cool and confident tone inspires thoughts of soothing tropical waters and works perfectly with the earthy olive shade of green, transforming your look from Summer to the Autumn.

Reminiscent of the sky on a grey, overcast day, granite is dependable, cool, earthy and above all, constant. Implying quality and luxury, it is a powerful green-grey that is strong, protective and enduring.

Add a splash of colour back into the palette with magenta, a soft pink shade adding a fun and playful touch, which acts as a flawless contrast between the warm comforting and cool tranquil tones. Magenta is a gently persuasive and composed pink that is more upscale than downtown. Both men and women can weave marigold and magenta with olive for a bold mix of bright, earthy inspiration.

Thoughtful, contemplative and composed, dream is a cooling grey that adds dimension, conveying a message of credibility. This is a serious shade that speaks to the need for stability and security. Team up dream and charcoal together for a mellow tone. Indicative of our affection for colour, orchid is the jewel in the crown of the Autumn 2015 palette. Intriguing, vibrant and somewhat sensual, this enigmatic shade is an extraordinary hue that is unique, bold, creative and exciting.

So what do we have in our dyed merino fibre range to capture the mood of the Autumn season 2015?

Charcoal (96) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Olive (26) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Magenta (313) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Marigold (02) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Dream (57) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Orchid (323)Price: £2.99 per 100g
Cerulean (308) Price: £2.99 per 100g
Granite (303) Price: £2.99 per 100g

Source: Pantone

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