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Calling All Crafters!

We are constantly amazed and impressed by the wonderful items you - our lovely customers - are able to create with our products; and we’re sure your fellow crafters would love to be able to recreate them for themselves.

So we’d love to build a special section in our blog where we showcase your projects, with instructions and materials used, so that others can give them a whirl!

We need your talents to create an amazing resource library - can you help us?

What we’d like from you…

  • A step-by-step tutorial with photos and instructions of how to create the item in question - alternatively you could send us a video of you actually producing the item which would be fantastic!
  • A list of products used - including those from WoW of course!
  • Your name, website, social media links.

Showcasing your creations will not only highlight your hard work but will also provide other crafters with a guide on how to create your designs whilst providing helpful tips and ideas along the way.

Your tutorial will be added to the library and will be featured on our monthly newsletter, plus we’ll make sure it’s credited to you with all the relevants links of course!  

If you’d like to get involved - THANK YOU!!

Please send your tutorials to

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