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Back to School - The Benefits Of Knitting

It's that time of year again where children are going back to school and we thought we would take the opportunity to look into how children can benefit from the art of knitting.

Learning to knit and crochet is fun, creative and benefits children in various ways whilst teaching them 'life skills' such as responsibility, persistence and personal hygiene, they will quickly learn that dirty hands mean dirty yarn!

There has been much research into the benefits of knitting for children, with teachers and doctors noting improvement in the following:

Reading - This is because knitting requires a left to right and/or circular process.
Maths - Knitting can teach basic and complicated maths (counting, skip counting, multiplication, division, subtraction, adding, patterning).
Critical thinking - Problem solving and creativity
Communication - Knitting and chatting at the same time is a great skill, much better than being on a mobile phone or computer.
Persistence - Projects take time and patience to complete
Focus and attentiveness - Knitting can be wholly absorbing and therefore increases the ability to concentrate and apply oneself to a task.
Behaviour - Knitting is both calming and repetitive. Spatial recognition (understanding how things fit together).
Builds confidence - Acquiring a new skill and taking satisfaction from having achieved something
Self-esteem - Learning to knit can be quite difficult, but when children see that they are capable of achieving things themselves and that trying something new is a rewarding challenge. They start to see that they are creative and imaginative, and this has a huge impact on their self esteem.
Life enhancement - Knitting is a skill that children can return to again and again during their lives. It can be a fun hobby and helps out in the house!

Source: Love knitting

So why not start your own knitting club? At World of Wool we regularly supply to schools, colleges and universities, fulfilling our role as one of the leading providers of quality fibres and supplies for hand spinning, felting and many other crafts.

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